Friday, November 22, 2013

Should Have Saved Progress — Day 5

Ugh. I had today's update half complete, then I left it up on my phone and did a bunch other things and when I came back to the app, it was gone. Idiota sum! Idiotissima! So I'll summarize.

I wanted today to be mostly review, with maybe one or two new things. So we started with a quick review using Sum Pater; quis es? and then we sent a different colored ball around at the same time and had the main speaker say to a neighbor: Sum vir. Femina es. [The name of the guy with other ball] est vir? We eventually mixed it up by allowing both balls to be passed independently after each turn—gotta keep the students from being able to plan ahead too much! 

The next move was to practice the conjunction aut (or). The balls moved along regularly, but you could claim anyone's attention with a Salve, Patricus! and hopefully get a Salve! back before inquiring about the other ball-holder Iordana est femina aut vir? Of course, this generated more fodder for our #latinhumor tag. (Be watching for it trending on Twitter, kids!) The next variant was to have the main ball-holder (Latin pilafer?) ask about the other holder: Est Iohannes aut Iacobus? 

Then we went somewhere new:
Es discipula. <I point at Susannula>
Es discipula. <I point at Iordana> 
Es discipula. <I point at Paggia>
Es discipula. <I point at Teresula>
Es discipula. <I point at Kæsa>
Many frown while trying to repeat discipula. 

Ok. Imitamini me: "-la"
Imitamini me: "-pula"
Imitamini me: "-scipula"
Imitamini me: "discipula"
Bene! Bene! 

So, Susannula est discipula. Paggia est discipula.
Iacobus est discipulus. 
Sic. Susannula est discipula; Iacobus est discipulus
Est discipulus <point at a guy>; est discipula <point at a gal>; est discipula <and another gal>.
Quis est discipula? <At least half the ladies hands tentatively.>

But what is it?! Guys/girls—yes, but what does it mean?! What's discipu—whatever? 
Ah... Discipulus es... discipula es... discipula es... <point to me> Pater sum.
Wait, what?
Oh "student" 
Like "disciple" then?
Yes, yes! I mean, Sic! Bene bene bene! 
So... female student, male student, and Father? 

Susannula est femina et discipula.
Sic, sic. Susannula est femina. Susannula est discipula. ...Susannula est femina et discipula.
Oh, ok! 
Iacobus est vir et discipulus. Sum vir et pater. 

They quickly went around saying they were this kind of gender and that kind of student. Easy. Then we wrapped up by me asking three bonus questions:
Est possibilis esse femina et discipulus? 
Est possibilis esse vir et discipula?
Est possibilis esse pater et femina?

They answered all correctly. Did you? 

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